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When booking your trip with us, we do require a 50% deposit to reserve your spot.  Don’t lose out!  Reserve your spot today!


When you contact Ricky, he will decide which day trip is best for that particular day.  It will depend on season, conditions and your physical conditioning.


El Yunque Day Trip or San Cristobal Canyon day Tour?

 Either one you will experience the following!


Take time to escape to heaven on earth.  Let the south side of El Yunque Rain Forest captivate you with its lush vegetation, its huge boulders, its cascading rivers and its scenic views. You will be immersed in a wild secluded paradise and mesmerized by Mother Nature’s beauty at its best. At the same time you will be fully infused with the vibrating energy of El Yunque’s rivers and clean air, just like the indigenous Taíno tribe did centuries ago.460x290_b3535009a4ca2675758b02973fe86a10


After hiking through the dense jungle you will be able to hop from boulder to boulder, dive from humongous towering rocks, go rappelling down the river’s cascades, see some petroglyphs, playfully slide down smaller boulders and leisurely bathe in the river’s cascades, ponds and whirpools.


Nature will be your accomplice in this exhilarating adventure. It will reward you with a sense of accomplishment and a powerful surge of energy, which will be your driving force for days, months and years to come…MultiAdventure One-Day Trips.



When booking your trip with us, we do require a 50% deposit to reserve your spot.  Adventure trips are $175 per person.  So in a group of 4, the total deposit would be $350.


When on the payment page, please remember to update the quantity box to the number of people in your group!

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